Local Buying Foundation (LBF) Project Officer, Cody Girdwood, recently ventured into the heart of Port Hedland to connect with several key stakeholders, including the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHCCI).

At the forefront of the discussion were Bek Worthington, PHCCI CEO, and Tina Scott, General Manager, alongside Cody and Kim Kinsella (C-Res Business Development Advisor), the newest members of the Local Buying Foundation and Local Buying Program teams. The meeting, long overdue, was an opportunity to introduce fresh faces to the vibrant Port Hedland business community and discuss key projects in the region which are driving economic development.

Updates on ongoing initiatives, including the Business Mentor Program and the Online Business Directory, shed light on the impact of our collaborative efforts. Of particular interest was the tour of the Tradie Hub, a bustling co-working space in Wedgefield, designed to support and uplift local trade-based businesses. With services ranging from co-working desks to secure storage options, the Tradie Hub embodies the spirit of community empowerment.

It became evident that the PHCCI is not merely an organisation but a catalyst for change. Their upcoming economic forum in November, themed “Connecting Big Business to Small Business,” underscores their commitment to bridging gaps and facilitating meaningful connections. Through support of initiatives like these, the Local Buying Foundation continues to champion the growth of existing businesses while supporting growth and innovation within the community.