The changing landscape of small businesses never seems to stop, and this year has seen the Local Buying Foundation continue to work with our communities as these changes unfold through sponsorship, projects and program funding across QLD, NSW, SA and WA.

From launching our Pilot program Trading Tracks in Queensland as part of our National Indigenous Business Development Program to working with the Business Chambers in the Hunter Valley to provide strategic support through the recent COVID-19 impacts on small businesses, our focus at all times is on ensuring that we are supporting, uplifting and enabling our small businesses to grow.

Fortunately, this year has seen us slowly come back to a wonderful time of events, awards, in-person meetings and networking which has been greatly missed over last couple of years. However, we have been able to adapt to a new hybrid approach has enabled each of our four Local Buying Foundation Advisory Committees to stay connected in identifying and providing support to create strong business communities in the footprints we operate in.

We are very excited about the growth of the Local Buying Foundation, the continued development and the strategic plans we have to continue to move forward.

You will see in the highlights and results demonstrate that each Foundation continues to grow, and we are looking forward to seeing what FY23 will bring as the LBF Advisory Committees continue to work with key stakeholders to deliver some exciting projects.

Melissa Westcott, LBF Chairman.

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